Golf Enhancement

Better golf through fitness

Would you like to:

Have more power and distance with your golf swing?

Have more accuracy and consistency in your golf swing?

Finally play golf without pain?

Peak Golf Fitness Program:

  • Golf physical evaluation and consultation
  • Individualized, golf-specific exercise programs
  • In-season and off-season golf training programs
  • “Peak Pilates for Golf”


  • Golf Evaluation: $75
  • Follow-up visits: $50/session

Let us help you reach your golf-specific goals!

Will Lead to:

  • Better Accuracy and Consistency
  • More Efficient Swing Patterns
  • Enhanced Power and Distance
  • Playing without Pain
  • Decreased Chance of Injury
  • Bottom Line = Lower Scores!

Increases in:

  • Flexibility
  • Movement Patterns
  • Strength and Power
  • Balance and Stability
  • Cardiovascular Endurance

Other services we provide

Physical Therapy

A hand-on approach to help our patients reach their wellness and lifestyle goals.

Massage Therapy

Massages to provide relaxation, decrease stress and muscle tension, or help with recovery from an injury.

Personal Training

Let us help you reach your fitness and sports performance goals.

And More!

We are one of the most well-rounded facilities in the area. We also offer Pilates, Golf Enhancement, ACL Prevention, Dry Needling, the Graston Technique, PGT, and Kinesio Taping.


Lincoln Location

8901 Andermatt Drive, Suite 105
Lincoln, NE 68526
ph: 402-423-7325

Hickman Location

6710 Woodland Blvd, Suite 2
Hickman, NE 68372
ph: 402-423-7325

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