Personal Training / Sports Performance

Peak Personal Training will meet you where you are at and help you reach your fitness goals!

Why use a personal trainer?

Get faster results

Proper fat loss and muscle gain

Reduce your chance of injury

Overcome plateaus

Increase accountability

Proper education

Eliminate “guesswork” with workouts planned specifically for you

Our experienced staff has personally trained and helped professional athletes from:

  • Major League Baseball
  • National Football League
  • National Basketball Association
  • Professional Golf Association
  • Professional Tennis Association
  • Division I Volleyball
  • X Games / BMX

Peak Sports Performance considers every factor that impacts your performance. After evaluating the specific needs and demands of your sport and position, we will conduct additional physical analyses to identify your strengths and limiting factors.

An individualized, sport-specific training program will then be tailored to achieve your goals.

We are dedicated to provide every athlete, regardless of sport or skill level, the necessary tools to perform at their Peak level.


  • Consultation is Free
  • Training Session ~ $45-$50/session*
  • *Range depends on package pricing

Contact us today to learn more or to start your customized sports performance program.

Peak Sports Performance will maximize your potential by:

Performance Enhancement

Every athlete is unique; therefore, our customized, sport-specific programs are developed one athlete at a time.


Each athlete will be educated on the purpose and proper technique for every training procedure. Only by understanding our specific training methods and how each applies to an athlete’s sport can he or she truly achieve greater success.

Improving Biomechanics

Enhancing the motor control and technique of each sport-specific movement pattern will allow an athlete to perform as efficiently as possible and help prevent sports injuries.

Full Continuum of Care

Unlike other sports training facilities, Peak Sports Performance offers on site availability to physical therapists. Athletes have the opportunity to gain knowledge from the physical therapists regarding injury prevention, treatment of injuries and answers to questions about athletic injuries.


Lincoln North Location

5790 N. 33rd Circle
Lincoln, NE 68504
ph: 402-975-8028

Lincoln South Location

8901 Andermatt Drive, Suite 105
Lincoln, NE 68526
ph: 402-423-7325

Hickman Location

6710 Woodland Blvd, Suite 2
Hickman, NE 68372
ph: 402-423-7325

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