Physical therapy at Peak improved my life. They took me from extreme pain from sciatic nerve and low back/hip pain to pain free living again. Everyone at Peak Physical Therapy was professional from walking in the front door to the actual therapy. It is a cheerful environment to go to when you feel bad and need help. They know what to do for your particular situation. I highly recommend Peak PT!

Susan C.
Good flexibility in an aging golfer is the most important physical element to have. Over the years that I have been treated and trained by Jeff Booher, I have maintained that flexibility which has prolonged the power and speed of my swing and thus, my career.
Tom Watson
Winner, 53 PGA Tour & Champions Tour Events
2-time Masters Champion
5-time British Open Champion
U.S. Open Champion
Jeff’s techniques have not only increased my strength and power but also improved my balance, keeping me at the top of my game.
Hale Irwin
Winner, 65 PGA Tour & Champions Tour Events
3-time U.S. Open Champion
Not only do my wife and I trust Ty to train our children, I also utilize him as a valuable resource due to his experience and background in various training techniques when it comes to our Husker Volleyball program.
John Cook
Head Volleyball Coach University of Nebraska
Coach Peterson is one of the finest strength and conditioning coaches I have had the privilege to work with.  His attention to detail and aptitude give individual athletes the regiment to be successful.  He helped me in my development during some of the most crucial years of my career.
Vincent Jackson
Wide Receiver Tampa Bay Buccaneers
I really enjoyed going to Peak Physical Therapy.  After my knee surgery, I wasn't looking forward to the road to recovery, but that changed after I started working with Jeff and Erin and the staff at Peak.  The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable, and even though my sessions were hard, they made it fun.  I recovered on schedule and made it through my baseball and football seasons with no problems. I am very grateful to everyone at Peak for all that they did for me.
Colton Abendroth
The Peak ACL Prevention Program identified weakness in my hips leading to inefficient knee mechanics.   Now I know what to strengthen to help avoid injury and improve performance
Abbey Powell
When I heard Jeff was opening up his own PT clinic, I told my wife I wanted to be his first patient since he did such a great job for me with a previous injury. I can proudly say I was his first patient on September 7, 2010 to treat a nagging elbow injury. Over the next six weeks, Jeff and his staff gave me the relief I was looking for in a professional, courteous and positive environment. Thanks to Jeff and his staff at Peak!
Aaron S.
I first met Jeff after I had a complete shoulder replacement in April of 2009. He worked with me in a very gentle manner and physical therapy was very successful. Jeff was to see me once again in October of 2009 as I then had a knee replacement. Jeff was very diligent in helping me; he was compassionate and firm in helping me regain my function. I was to return in May 2010 after an accident which caused my knee to have stress; but there was still one more trip after my shoulder showed stress. I returned for further strengthening in November 2010.I am a lap swimmer and without the excellent physical therapy Jeff gave me I would not have been able to return to the pool and finish my lifetime goal of of swimming 10,000 miles, which I have now achieved. I would not hesitate to recommend Jeff for his excellent training and experience which I was able to have.
Eldean K.
I have to admit I was one of those who put off total knee replacement longer than I should have. It wasn’t the actual surgery I was worried about. It was the stories I had heard about the “pain and torture” of physical therapy. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Thanks to Jeff, I actually looked forward to my appointments. A little discomfort, certainly, but never “pain or torture.”I can honestly say that each and every time, I walked out feeling better than when I walked in. Had I known then what I know now, I would have gone through with the surgery long ago. Thank you so much, Jeff.
Van C.
All of my past experiences in physical therapy involved heat, muscle stimulation and massage which always gave me about thirty minutes of relief. Jeff finally figured out my problem was a muscle imbalance. He gave me a strengthening program to correct the problem and prevent having to continually go to therapy. I am now pain free! I wouldn’t recommend anyone but Jeff.
Amy G.
The physical therapy I received after shoulder replacement surgery enabled me to regain mobility and strength. I am now free of pain and have almost full range of motion. Jeff and his staff were very friendly and courteous, and most of all, prompt.
Ray M.
Jeff made therapy fun! One of the reasons I put off my surgery for so long was because I was scared to go through the physical therapy afterwards. Had I known there was someone like Jeff to take care of me, I would have had the surgery years ago. He was gentle and caring but knew how to get the most out of me. He is very professional but made me laugh every time I came in. Because of Jeff, I looked forward to going to therapy and actually didn’t want it to end.
Lisa S.
I have been in and out of several physical therapy clinics over the years with a multitude of problems. No one compares to Jeff. It’s hard to explain but when working with Jeff he makes you feel comfortable and special. He made me feel like I was family and I even told him I was adopting him as my second son. If you have an injury and want to get better, you must go see Jeff.
Barbara H.
I would recommend everyone I know to Jeff. What a great physical therapist! He is very caring and compassionate and obviously loves what he does. Each time I came in to see him, he took the time to meet my needs…and even came in after hours just to help me when I was having excruciating pain. Thanks to Jeff, no more pain!
Dave B.
I have been to a couple of different physical therapists in the area and none compare to Jeff. I finally have relief! He is very caring and made me feel very comfortable. Jeff not only took the time to explain to me why I was having pain, but also explained how the treatments he was performing would help my condition. This was the first time it was ever explained to me…and it worked!
Ashley G.
Lincoln is so lucky to have someone like Jeff. It’s hard to believe that such a talented and well-known therapist is right here in our town and available to the general public.
Jon B.
Jeff Booher and the team at Peak Physical Therapy did a fantastic job helping me recover after ACL surgery. I was able to see progress with each session and they scheduled appointments at times that worked best for me. Now, I’m back to playing basketball and training for my first full marathon.
Mark F.
After experiencing a herniated disc which was extremely painful, but surgery was not recommended, it was suggested I see Jeff Booher for therapy.  I began seeing him three times each week.  Jeff and his staff are warm, caring and very professional. I am a senior citizen who calls them “part of my family”.  It has been almost a year since I first saw Jeff.  At this time, I go only as needed depending upon the type of work I am doing to maintain my home.
Ellen M.
Thank you for all the great progress I’ve made. I couldn’t even lift my leg off the table when we started, and now I’m getting back to normal. I really appreciate the friendliness of all your staff – it’s a real family atmosphere. You can bet that anytime in the future that I need physical therapy I’ll be back to see you! Thanks again!
Belva S.
I have had therapy before at other places so I was pleasantly surprised when visiting Peak for the first time. The staff was extremely friendly and the facility was bright and clean. I was treated as if I was the only [patient] they had. Each time I was greeted with a friendly smile and a firm handshake. The rehab therapy was as good as I have ever had … I couldn’t be more pleased!
David J.
Jeff is by far the best therapist I have ever experienced. He is extremely knowledgeable and his skill is second to none. My past experiences in physical therapy left me pessimistic that I would get better. After working with Jeff I have a new, positive outlook on physical therapy and know it definitely helps if done right. Thanks Jeff!
Paul A.
With physical therapy from Peak I was able to get back to my regular exercise routine much faster than I expected. I’ve had PT after an injury before but at Peak, I felt the staff really understood sports conditioning and my need to get back physically where I was as quickly as possible! Thank you!
Carol A.
Working with Jeff has been great. He has strengthened my aging body and improved my balance. While doing so he has shown himself to be a caring person with a sense of humor. I have had therapy before, but for the first time I can say I enjoyed the experience.
Dave K.
Great team of people! Jeff and the gang always have a smile and are happy to see the patients. They take the time to show you that you matter. They have gotten me through my shoulder surgery recovery. I’m so glad that The Peak Team is a part of my recovery!
Kyle K.
I would like to thank you for all the great work you folks did in helping to get my arm back in shape! The professionalism that was shown to me was second to none. You all treated me almost as if I was family! That goes a long way in my book. To anyone that is reading this, and will be needing some therapy done, come see these great people! I promise, you will not be disappointed!!
Rick S.
My husband and I have used Peak Physical Therapy on several occasions and have had amazing success. They are the reason my 70+ year old body is able to keep actively working with my gardening/landscape business. Peak's physical therapists are knowledgeable, skilled and very friendly!
Pat Lee